A Little Christian Problem-Solving

Nigel Chapman

Sept 2022.  Who to Trust? Christian Belief in Conspiracy Theories1 – An ISCAST Australia publication; project editor and lead author.  (Buy on Amazon;2 discussed on this CPX podcast.3)





Nigel Chapman lives in Melbourne, Australia where he works in design and technology.  He has a Masters in Divinity, meaning Christian Theology.  Every now and then he writes a long article that that tries to solve a pressing problem of some kind involving Christian thought or practice.



This website runs Article Wiki,8 an open source Python/Redis system for online writing.  It turns wiki markup into articles and eBooks.





1 https://iscast.org/conspiracy
2 https://www.amazon.com.au/Who-Trust-Christian-Conspiracy-Theories/dp/0645067156/
3 https://www.publicchristianity.org/down-the-rabbit-hole/
4 mailto:nigel@chapman.id.au
5 https://twitter.com/eukras
6 https://aus.social/@eukras
7 https://facebook.com/eukras
8 https://github.com/eukras/article-wiki